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“Dr. Annin gave me valuable insights regarding my development as a leader. By clarifying my strengths and opportunities for improvement, Barbara helped me improve my effectiveness and that of my team. The actionable strategies of the Action Plan we co-created and the Road Map we developed provided gave me the tools I needed to make meaningful and lasting change. I am a better leader because of the coaching I received from Barbara. “

— Physician & Healthcare Executive

“Since I had never worked with a coach prior to working with Dr. Annin, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Our weekly meetings were highly interactive and provided me with real-time enhancement techniques that I could use in my role as a financial director within my firm. Specifically, Dr. Annin helped me to understand how to deal effectively with conflict as a leader. For example, not every conflict situation needs to be dealt with in a competitive manner. Instead, I learned that I could “flex” my conflict handling style based on the situation resulting in a more constructive outcome.”

— Financial Services Director

“After I was promoted to a Senior Executive within my company, I was so focused on my to do list that is was difficult for me to take the time to consider think strategically about my new role. Dr. Annin helped me to develop my targeted 90-day on-boarding plan. It was a great, targeted way to secure some early wins in my new role and develop important relationships and networks within my company.”

— Chief Information Officer

“Our team was struggling with issues related to communication issues and trust. Dr. Annin worked with our team to develop a customized workshop and program using individualized assessments to understand our individual and collective preferences pertaining to communication, decision making, conflict management and dealing with change. Her program was highly interactive and provided our team with outstanding techniques to work together more effectively and in a more constructive manner.”

— Marketing Services Director

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