A Quiet Mind

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We’ve all had those experiences if life when something touches our soul in a profound way. I had one of those experiences recently at an Enneagram training program I attended in the beautiful Connecticut countryside.

The Enneagram is a personality assessment that has been around for ages and is now hitting the mainstream in the coaching profession. The program I attended was a grueling six and a half day affair with sessions that went late into the night–especially difficult for me because I’m a morning person. But I stuck with it; in fact, we all stuck with it: 17 fellow students and two master Enneagram teacher.

Be Present in the Quiet

We began each day with a meditation or chant–a much more difficult task than I expected. I found it to be one of the most challenging aspects of the training: to be present in the stillness with a quiet mind.

Like many working parents, I am always so busy doing: checking email, writing proposals, doing laundry, working out, organizing the carpool, feeding the dog, texting, sending invoices, coaching, making dinner, etc., etc. Just the thought of stopping to take a breath seems implausible. But deep down I have known that I needed to find some way to slow down and be still.

Yoga has been one of the ways I have found to accomplish stillness. Mind you, I was not a big fan of yoga originally. The thought of sitting around humming with a bunch of strangers seemed downright silly. But, after some initial misgivings, I gave yoga a try. You know what? It worked. It is the one place where I can go and find inner peace, a quiet mind so to speak. I have since learned that there are many methods and ways of meditation. It could be prayer, yoga, taking a walk in the woods or any practice that allows us to enter a place of stillness: a quiet mind.

Look Inside to Move Forward

I’ve also learned how necessary it is for personal or career growth to be quiet and listen to yourself to learn what success means to you and how to achieve it.

Sometimes it requires the help of a coach, teacher, mentor, priest or rabbi to find what works best for you. The Enneagram workshop I took did this for me. I have learned so much more about how to look inside and be present.

Find Your Style

Be good to yourself and find the time to pick the practice that works best for you. You just might find that doing so will help you to achieve a quiet mind and state of inner peace. You also might find that you will have a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and energy to tackle whatever life brings – whether it’s about your career or your personal life. It’s amazing how loud the quiet can be if we just listen.

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  1. L says:

    Words to live by!


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